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Duna - Breeding license



On the 19th of September 2010 Duna has been successfully approved for breeding, following the Club Winner Show of the KVD  on which she received the title „Vereinssieger VSA Wilnsdorf 2010“.

Extract of the expose by the judge Walther Schicker:
„Shows herself in all situations poised and balanced towards humans and dogs. An all around impressive representative of her breed.”

She passed the following behavior test with full score. The conclusion remark of the behavior judge was:
„Characteristic of breed, confident and at the same time friendly and obedient.“


In Hungary we took the opportunity to get the Hungarian approval for breeding by showing her on the main show of the Club exhibition of the MEOE Hungária Kuvasz Klubs, on which she received the title “Clubwinner”.  Breeding judge Juhász József awarded her the appraisal „suitable for breeding“ and to our great surprise she came in second in the Kuvasz contest founded by Pischoff Ferenc, which we spontaneously joined. (A part of the contest, the protection work with an agitator, was also part for the approval for breeding to exclude extremely shy and extremely aggressive dogs). Her achievement in numbers: 96,6%.





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