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News - 2010



Christmas and New Year’s 2010

At short notice we get informed that our vacation is approved and now it is clear: we are off to visit home! On the 24th of December we arrived at +10C, but the Hungarian winter has not disappointed us and on the 2nd Christmas day an arctic cold arrives with –8C during the day. The white landscape is wonderful and Duna enjoys the weather very much, this is definitely her time of the year. The three hours walk through the forest near Szanazug with many deer will always be on our minds… The  Kuvasz simply is multifunctional, especially on tour with a Transylvanian Hound both of them were trailing. But we didn’t decide for deer as dinner but had some fresh smoked, self made Csabai Kolbász ®.

Duna gets along well again with the court lady Morzsi, and as gesture of her friendship she offers her blanket and takes Morzsi’s fruit basket. The fruits of the neighbor are always sweeter. Even though it looks quite uncomfortable.

Our trip ends with a visit of our dream stud dog and Duna signalizes us clearly that she is very happy about our choice. It is fantastic to see such a harmony.

December 2010

Winter arrived and we are enjoying four weeks of non-stop snow before the Christmas vacation. We got out the cross country skis and Duna is joining us on all of our tours, on which we meet the most interesting companions (see our white photo shooting). Amazing what someone can put on a leash in this area…


December 2010

The litter box is getting build for the planned approval of our future breeding environment and everybody is helping. Duna doesn’t totally understand yet what she is supposed to do in here; the kids would love to use it as their new sleeping place. There is enough space for all three of them.

18th December 2010

Today Duna has been officially awarded the title „Deutscher Klub-Champion“ of  KfuH (German Club of the Hungarian flock guard dogs). She needed a minimum of four awards of excellence on shows organized by the KfuH. The time interval between the first and the last result needs to be a minimum of one year and one day. With six awards she fulfilled the requirements more than enough.

12th December 2010

CACIB Kassel

On the CACIB in Kassel Duna gets the award of excellence and becomes best bitch (CACIB). Her half-brother Effendi „János“ is best stud dog and BOB, here on the photo together with world champion Sorschies Dajka from Sweden, who has been successfully bred by him these days.

11th December 2010

Duna gets the award of excellence and is BOB, with this show she has the required certificates towards the title „Deutscher Champion (VDH)“ and „Klub-Champion (KfuH)“.

28th November 2010

In Dortmund we are attending the required seminars for breeders at the VDH-academy. The subject of the two further trainings are „Dysfunction of the fertility of dogs “ and „Diseases of puppies “.


October 2010

Rátót, Hungary
Hungária Kuvasz Klub Show 2010


For us this is the highlight of the year, regarding the anticipation upfront and also the results of the show. Duna is Clubwinner and her half-brother Effendi (János) is best male. The breeding station „Viharsarki Betyárűző” wins with Duna, Effendi, Elza and Főúr the title for the best breeding group.


Following Report was printed in the version 04 and 05/2010 of the club magazine "Unser Kuvasz" (KVD):




Duna gets also successfully evaluated as to sustainability for breeding in Hungary. During this process we are confronted with the Hungarian temperament test (protection work). A test we never tried before but she mastered it great. Spontaneously we participate in the 2nd round of the so called Kuvasz-Aptitude Contest, which has been specifically designed for the breed. She already surprised us in the young age of 5 months in 2008 on the Clubshow in Gárdony, where she was allowed to try a part of the test for the fun of it (the test is for a minimum age of 12 months). During the intelligence test of searching for food she completed the task in amazing 5 seconds.



Now two years later she was allowed to try all the tasks of the test and reached 96,6% and came in second!!!


Sunday evening and the whole Monday we are attending fascinating lectures from four countries.
I am assisting interpreting. Some of the lectures are provided in two languages under Translations.

July 2010

Duna is the Cover Girl for the Club magazine of the KVD „Unser Kuvasz“.
Her picture as puppy which also won in 2009 the KVD photo contest gets printed on the cover page.




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